Choose Our Garage Door Repair Service!

Have you ever experienced trying to open the garage door, but it stops halfway and goes back down? Was it the reason that you arrived to work late? Avoid the stress and frustration from a damaged garage door by hiring a professional repair service, such as Legacy Garage Doors. We are a garage door repair that fixes garage doors of residents in Bulverde, TX.

What Can Cause Garage Door Damage?

Hiring a garage door service to fix a damaged garage door should be the first step. The following are some causes of damage that a garage door repair service can address.

Blockage – Any kind of debris can cause the garage door to retract when you open or close it. A professional will be able to find all of the blockages that are causing this problem to happen.

Dents – Dents and misalignment of the tracks can also be a cause for garage door damage. You should consider leaving it to the professionals because they have the right tools to fix them.

Why Pick Our Garage Door Service?

Our garage door repair services will prioritize finding a permanent fix to the damage. After the initial inspection, we will determine the best solution to the problem at hand. Using the right tools, we will fix dents, realign tracks, and remove debris so that the garage door will open and close properly without any obstructions. Our 12 years of experience in repairing garage doors will prove useful in fixing whatever problem you may be having with your garage door. For more services, we also offer spring repair, garage door replacement, cable repair, replacement panel service, and more.

We here at Legacy Garage Doors assure our customers that they will have their garage door repaired as soon as possible. If you are a resident in Bulverde, TX and if you are looking for a reliable garage door repair, call us today at (830) 448-3924 and get free estimates. If you are a senior citizen or part of the military, we can give you a 10% discount on any of our services.

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